Our Speakers

Nearly 20 GIS experts and demographers will present and instruct over the course of the 2 1/2 day conference.

Kristin Parr

GIS Analyst

Davis Demographics

Chris Melendez

Project Manager

Davis Demographics

Lorne Woods

Senior Project Manager

Davis Demographics

Jared Nelson

Manager of Client Outreach

Davis Demographics

Who Should Attend This Event?

No matter how your district does planning, you will find this conference beneficial.

SchoolSite Users

ArcGIS Users

Other School Planners and Administrators

Past Attendee Feedback

  • “Because I am very new to GIS Software the review of the components of ArcGIS was beneficial. By Friday I was MUCH more familiar and comfortable with the software and was even able to help the person next to me.”

  • “The staff was incredibly focused on providing a positive experience and I want to commend Davis Demographics for the focus on those attending the conference and the individual attention given to everyone by staff.”

  • “The conference was a hit! Very informational – but to be candid – to me – I was most impressed with the staff! I was very impressed with the collegiality, the professionalism and the willingness to laugh and have fun. “