For over 25 years, Davis Demographics has been dedicated to providing K-12 school districts demographic consulting services. Even before the company’s inception Greg Davis, the company’s Founder and President, was planning for school districts based on geography and used the most up-to-date GIS software.¬†

As Greg’s team of demographers and GIS professionals started to form in the early 1990s, he also brought on a programming team. This team was tasked with creating extensions for ArcView (and early predecessor to ArcGIS) that allowed Greg’s team to do planning more efficiently. Specificially, these extensions allowed Greg’s planners to quickly and accurately do complex student projection’s calculations and efficiently complete boundary redistricting in a fraction of the time it would take to do previously.

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As the world (and school district employees) started to become for computer savvy, school districts started to express interest in licensing this software that Davis Demographics had created for its own internal use. SchoolSite was born.

SchoolSite is the sole GIS based planning tool dedicated to helping school district’s in their unique planning needs. As GIS software has evolved, Davis Demographics’ SchoolSite planning extensions have taken full advantage of what current technology allows. Currently, Davis Demographics programming team is in development of SchoolSite Pro for ArcGIS Pro, the next generation of GIS.

¬†Over the years, SchoolSite has been adding new tools and functionality to truly allow district staff using the software to become an in-house demographer. Student projections and redistricting are just a part of what this tool offer. If you are not a SchoolSite user or would like to learn more, please visit Davis Demographics’ website to learn learn more about how your district can PLAN WITH CONFIDENCE.