ArcGIS Pro

ESRI’s ArcMap has been the standard GIS software used across the world for almost two decades. Think of all the technological changes in the world in that time. A new GIS product was needed and inevitable for use on modern computers and for internet connectivity. In January 2015, ESRI released its next-generation GIS product: ArcGIS Pro. While ESRI has made it clear that they will continue bug fixes for several more years, ESRI is clear that ArcGIS Pro is a replacement to ArcMap.

Pro is a 64-bit application that takes advantage of the computing power on today’s devices. It also has a new “ribbon style” menu system to look like the Microsoft Office application most of us use on a daily basis. In short: It’s fast and looks different. 

Nearly all of the functionality ArcMap users are accustomed to seeing is now available in Pro…but where are the button, tools, and menus we need? Has geocoding changed in the internet age? What is a Project? What new features are available? These are the questions that will be addressed in the ArcGIS Pro Boot Camp.

This 2-day intensive training is meant for users who are familiar with ArcMap and want to learn how to translate what they know to Pro. By the end of boot camp, you will be ready to use Pro and apply it’s exciting new features to your planning work and data analysis.

To get the most out of your time in San Diego, we encourage you to attend BOTH events! The 2-day pre-conference Boot Camp and the School Planners Conference. Boot camp teaches you how to use your tools but the conference teaches you why we use them.

We aim for a 4:1 ratio of instructors to Students in the GIS Boot Camps to ensure you have the attention and resources to be successful. Space is limited so REGISTER NOW!