The School Planners Conference, hosted by Davis Demographics, is the only place where school planners from across the country come together to learn and network.

The 2019 School Planners Conference is being held from June 26-28, 2019 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina in San Diego, California. In addition to the 2 1/2 day conference, we are offering two different “boot camp” trainings on June 24-25. These GIS Boot Camps are 2-day pre-conference training sessions for planners who would like to sharpen their GIS skills.

Here is what to expect if you have never been to the School Planners Conference in the past:

Watch this short recap of the 17th Annual School Planners Conference.

We believe that planning is best done based on geography. More simply: Where a student lives is a better basis for planning than what school a student is enrolled in. To understand a school district’s data geographically we use geographic information systems (GIS) software. This allows us find, analyze, and learn from patterns in the school district.

ESRI is the maker of ArcGIS, the standard GIS software product used worldwide in all industries and sectors. Davis Demographics has been a business partner with ESRI since the mid-1980s and has built software extensions for ArcGIS specifically to assist school districts in their planning efforts… Davis’ SchoolSite.

Our conference is for school planners, no matter how your planning is done currently. Whether you use GIS, SchoolSite, spreadsheets, or nothing at all this conference is for you. The thread through the whole week is planning. GIS and SchoolSite will appear frequently through the agenda but other planning topics are covered and there are planners that attend every year who are not using GIS or Davis Demographics software. We work hard to ensure that all planners will find the conference to be beneficial.

We invite you to join your fellow school planners in San Diego in June 2019. If you have further questions about the event, please contact Jared Nelson at or 888.337.4471 x232.