There are two new ways we want you to get involved with the School Planners Conference in 2019.

Map Gallery

Maps are one of the most effective ways to tell your district’s story. We want to showcase your maps so that they can be shared with others from across the country. You will get to see what other school planners are doing in their planning work, what challenges they are facing, and how they are facing those challenges. Tell us about a project you have undertaken. Or a discovery you made using GIS. Tell us what is unique about your school district. Just tell that story with a map! Have your map be part of the map gallery (and yes, of course, there will be PRIZES for participants!).

Call for Presentations

For the past three years, the School Planners Conference has featured a guest speaker from a school district. This year we want to open an invitation for you to share your story. For every success story we hear from planners we know there are many more we don’t hear about. We invite you tell us how you have been successful and made an impact in your school district using GIS*.
Submissions are due by March 15, 2019. You will be contacted by April 1st if your presentation is selected for a confernece session.

*This will be a 60-minute session. It can be you alone, or if you prefer, we will work with you to assemble a panel. Talk to us about your idea!

Ask Questions, Get Answers.

What questions are you hoping to have answered at the School Planners Conference? Is there an ArcGIS tool you want to learn about? A planning question you can’t crack? A best practice you need to know?

One of the last sessions on Friday at the conference will be an “Open Q & A.” We will answer questions submitted here (and if time permits any questions you have on the spot). On Friday morning, we will show a list of all the questions we plan to answer so in case yours didn’t make the cut you still have time to go chat in the doctor’s office to get it answered.

Odds are if you have a question, several others have that same question as well so don’t be shy!