Lorne Woods has been with Davis Demographics since 2007. He has assisted over 50 school districts in his time with Davis Demographics, and works directly with school district personnel providing student enrollment forecasting services, creating open enrollment reports, custom mapping projects, phasing of residential development projects along with the online mapping and   cloud-based applications of project information. In 2013, Lorne helped establish Davis Demographic’s second office in Dallas. He manages a staff whose support school districts in Texas and areas east of the Rockies. 

Lame Woods

Lorne is actively involved with the technical side of Davis Demographics’s work, which involves GIS software use not only by Davis Demographics staff members, but also by school district personnel who choose to license Davis Demographics’s exclusive GIS software   programs. Lorne’s goal is to help the new GIS user become comfortable working with the software, eventually leading personnel to become self-sufficient in daily GIS tasks. He is responsible for directing the technical support for Davis Demographics’s many software clients, which number over 300 school districts in 41 states. Lorne also coordinates ongoing training opportunities with Davis Demographics software clients, in the Davis Demographics offices, and onsite at the school district office. Lorne has become a frequent trainer at client sites throughout the country.